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Two Kickstarters to Check Out!

Hey folks - It's been a while since I last promoted some Kickstarter projects to back. I've found a couple that I'm pretty excited about. I hope you'll check them out too.

The first one is a Kickstarter seeking funding for the creation of an animated video for the upcoming fourth JoCo Cruise Crazy cruise. Disclaimer - it's being run by an old friend of mine, who is fantastic and talented. Check out the three previous videos he's done on his Kickstarter site. If you're a fan of great animation, or Jonathan Coulton, or John Hodgman, or Paul & Storm, give this a look and back it!

The other one is a Kickstarter seeking funding for the creation of a short film based on the character of Storm from the Marvel X-Men universe. Storm is awesome. The premise of this short film sound really compelling. It seems to me that it could be as good a glimpse of Storm as the Wonder Woman short was that I linked to back on October 1. Check it out. Back it!

Hope you are having a good November. I'm crazy heads-down doing NaNoWriMo this month, so I wanted to blast a bunch of updates here before things get too old.


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