Two Fantastic Anti-Hero Shorts

I'm continuing to find phenomenal short films on YouTube so want to keep sharing them with you. First up is a short about the Spider-Man vigilante, The Punisher. Thomas Jane, the lead actor in The Punisher from 2004, stars in this short film which was made in 2012. Ron Perlman is a secondary character in the short. Be aware - this short film is very brutal and violent.

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]


The same folks who made The Punisher short film have made a Venom short film. I know what you're thinking. "But Venom is responsible for making Spider Man 3 suck so badly!" Yes, yes. Give this a chance. It's gritty. It reminded me a lot of The Blair Witch Project in terms of style and tone. It stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) as Eddie Brock. Do yourself a favor. Click on that link and scroll down to the two paragraphs under "Backstory". Read those. Then watch this.

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

Watch all the way through the credits. There's extra footage there to see.

I think both of these films are so well done that they put most of Hollywood's superhero-themed offerings to shame.