Today Is the Last Day of Worldbuilders

worldbuilders Today is the final day to participate in Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders charity event for Heifer International. A donation as small as $10 will enter you into a lottery full of awesome books and you'll help Heifer fight hunger and poverty across the world.

There aren't many charities out there that I regularly give to. A limit on funds available to donate is always an issue. But Heifer is one organization I try to give to every year. They make a difference in the world. And it's neat to be able to give someone a beehive or a flock of chickens or sheep or a cow or a water buffalo. You can also give irrigation pumps, clean water, stoves and the like.

Patrick Rothfuss is an author of a great series of books called The Kingkiller Chronicle. I don't know him personally, but from his posts on Facebook and his blog he appears to be a great guy who really cares about doing good for people. He runs the Worldbuilders event and gets donations from authors and artists to auction on eBay for the charity as well as to put in the lottery for contributors to win. The items in the lottery are mind blowing - lots of rare editions of books, autographed books, things you can't get anywhere else. And the items that have been sold on eBay have been really neat too - there's a listing for Len Peralta's Geek-A-Week card sets that it breaks my heart I don't have the cash to bid on myself - and there's lots of other neat books and prints currently up for auction as well.

So, if you have any interest in checking this great opportunity out, please do so. It's a great cause, and you'll get a chance to win something really neat as well.