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The Secret World - Departing Kingsmouth

It took about three dedicated days of playing, but I'm finally departing Kingsmouth for the Savage Coast (south of Kingsmouth) on my Dragon character. I'm playing swords/chaos currently. The voice acting is great. The storyline is great. I have not run into any fights or any puzzles that have been too difficult for me to complete solo. So that's great.

The UI leaves a bit to be desired, but that's to be expected given that this is a new game, etc. It is my understanding they are providing the ability for third-party developers to write UI mods, so I'm sure lots of improvements are coming soon.

The limitation of the quest log (limited to 6 quests total) drove me crazy initially, but after a while I got used to remembering where I'd seen random quests and what I'd done so far. I think this limitation lends itself to paying more attention to the game world and storyline in general.

Overall, I've enjoyed meeting additional organizations (Orochi Group), learning secrets about quest-giving NPCs, and even going back to my faction's home town (in this case, Seoul) to explore more and level up my run skill.

Now I'm off to the Savage Coast for what I hope will be more awesome stories and maybe a change from constant zombies and Draug and other wet things creeping up from the harbor? Maybe? Here's hoping!

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