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The Bounty of the Internet

Goodness, the last few days have been a wealth of things to see. Let me share some of the wonderful things I've found out there over the holiday weekend.

  • The best Zombie-related short film I have ever seen'
  • Have you heard of what3words? I hadn't either. I think it's totally cool.
  • Thug Notes!!! I can't say it enough. Did you use Cliff's Notes in school? Did you like to read books? Do you have an appreciation of urban gangster culture? This is the perfect amalgam of all of these interests. I can't even pick out one particular review to point you to because they're all so good. Pick a book you've read and GO THERE NOW!
  • Here's what you missed by not playing Bioshock Infinite. (spoilers)
  • Here's what you missed by not playing Borderlands 2. (spoilers)
  • The Wheatons are asking for donations for their local humane society and offering an awesome geek calendar as an incentive. Even if you don't back their humane society, please consider donating money to your own local humane society. Animals are awesome.

More to come over the course of the week!

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