This Week Online - November 19, 2013

Goodness, the month is flying by. I'm halfway through my wordcount for NaNoWriMo, which is great, but still about 6,000 words short of where I should be at this point. Distractions, distractions everywhere! Here are some fun distractions I found on the internet this week:

  • Pretty cool voice acting Batman vs. Superman!
  • Sesame Street did a send-up of The Hunger Games? They sure did!
  • Are you stoked about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special on Saturday? Check out this awesome prequel minisode that leads into that episode!
  • Someone used game theory to figure out how to win consistently on The Price Is Right. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  • Steve Martin got an Oscar. Not at all sure why his award wasn't awarded during the main ceremony. But he's touching and hilarious and awesome in that way only Steve Martin can be.
  • A short film written by Neil Gaiman about a girl who tries not to fly.
  • And, sadly, the best thing I had to share with you has been removed due to copyright issues. Hal (Bryan Cranston) wakes up in bed next to Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) having had a nightmare about being Walter White. It was truly hilarious. The short will apparently be part of the "Complete Breaking Bad" DVD package. Here's a full description of the short.

Hope you're all having an excellent week!

This Week Online - November 6, 2013

I've found a few entertaining things online in the last few days.


All's Quiet on the Geek Week Front

Hoi chummers, I've been busy trying to finish Shadowrun Returns and dealing with real life responsibilities for the last few days. I'm working on the final boss fight in SR right now and it's a chafe.

So while I'm busy with that, I wanted to make sure you are aware of the fact that this week is Geek Week on YouTube. Yay marketing. But, I hope it'll give some good visibility to some folks who are doing good work out there. Some of the videos they've posted I knew nothing about and was glad to discover them.

Today is day 2 of Geek Week, so I'll add links to further Geek Week content to this post as they come out.

Day 1 -- This series of videos includes SkyHook (with Freddie Wong), We Meet Again (Star Wars Parody), DramaBug CatBug (animated), Animated version of Patton Oswalt's Star Wars Filibuster, RWBY Episode 2, 10 Best Blockbuster Fan Parodies with Brian Blessed, 10 Ways to Make a Hollywood Blockbuster for under $100, Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical, The Fallen, and Star Wars vs. Star Trek Street Fight.

Out of the first day, my favorites were the Star Wars Filibuster, the 10 Blockbuster Fan Parodies, Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical and the SW vs. ST Street Fight.

Day 2 -- This series begins with a Naruto fake movie trailer, How To Be More Asian, Yogsquest Episode 2, 18 Days Episode 1, Chameleon Circuit - Teenage Rebel, 20 Best YouTube Animations from Around the World with Warwick Davis, and The Top 10 Mind Bending Facts about Dr. Who with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman.

My favorites today were the Naruto trailer, How To Be More Asian, Yogsquest, 18 Days Episode 1 and the 20 Best YouTube Animations. 18 Days is written by Grant Morrison so if you enjoy his comics, I think this animated series will be a must watch.