This Week Online - April 14, 2014

Hola all - please enjoy some amusements I found online in the past week!

Lastly, you know I'm a big fan of Tabletop, the Geek & Sundry web show hosted by Wil Wheaton on YouTube. They've decided to crowdsource the third season of the show over on Indiegogo. Check out the campaign and give if you can. If he can reach $1m, we will get a third season of Tabletop with 20 episodes AND a new spin-off show all about roleplaying games. THAT is something I really want to see!

Enjoy your week!

Tabletop Thursday - Fortune & Glory

Yesterday’s Tabletop episode featured the board game Fortune and Glory. The players are Felicia Day, Ryon Day, Wil Wheaton, and Brandon Routh. My first exposure to Fortune & Glory was on the game review site Shut Up & Sit Down. They did not favorably review the game, saying that there isn’t much strategy to the game and that if a player happens to roll poorly on a consistent basis they can end up not having a lot to do for the duration of the game. My favorite quote from their review is "This game, this beautiful game, this landfill of components, cards and color, this crush of cliffhangers, is everything that's wrong with Ameritrash."

As a quick aside, Shut Up & Sit Down is a fantastic gaming review site and I think it’s a great compliment to Tabletop (and On The Table) for gaming news. They’re raising funding to keep their website/content production going, so if you feel like tossing them some monetary love I think they’re worth it.

My thoughts about the game from this episode of Tabletop… well, 7 minutes in Wil cuts in and admits they got the rules all wrong throughout their gameplay so the episode isn’t really a representative sense of how the game plays. So, it’s hard to gauge. They certainly seem to have fun playing the game. But there are a LOT of bits involved… games with tons of bits can be a headache. There also seem to be a TON of rules and rules variants.

I think this is a game whose theme (Indiana Jones-style adventurers traversing the world to gather artifacts and fight Nazis) is very appealing. I will probably rent this game from my local game store to give it a try before thinking about purchasing it.

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

If you take the time to watch this episode, I recommend you take an additional 10 minutes to watch SU&SD's review as well.

Tabletop Thursday - Ticket to Ride: Europe

Happy Thursday! Today's episode of Tabletop features Ticket to Ride: Europe. [youtube= width="400" height="300"]

Players are Emma Caulfield, Anne Wheaton and John Kovalic. The chemistry between the players is very upbeat and positive, despite Wil and John's initial competitiveness against each other. Still, this game basically plays just like the original Ticket to Ride from last season with very small variations.

Hope everyone has had a good week. The kids in my area got the entire week off from school due to snow, and this was also my son's birthday week. So happy birthday to him, and yay snow! I feel like I've gotten some proper Winter now.

The big project at my house is painting a bathroom to look like the inside of the classic TARDIS. It's turned out to be a lot more work than expected (as all painting projects do). I'll be posting pictures & details here when it's finished!

This Week Online - January 20, 2014

Hola everyone! Hope you're having a warm & relaxing MLK day today. Here's some fun stuff I've seen online in the last couple of weeks:

We're expecting snow here tonight, which would be a nice change from the relatively mild temperatures and lots of rain we've had so far this Winter. Have a good week and check back soon for more posts!

Tabletop Thursday - Takenoko

Today's episode features the game Takenoko, which I've heard of but have never played. It looks like a really cute game and the folks in this episode have a great time playing it. I'll definitely be picking this up for a future game night!

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

I love the animated panda, but not as much as the Owlbear from Lords of Waterdeep.


Tabletop Catch-Up - Shadows Over Camelot and Betrayal at House on the Hill

I've missed the last two Tabletop episodes so I want to get them posted here before too much more time passes by. Shadows Over Camelot featured Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade and Tara Strong who voice acts everything everywhere (Bubbles, Timmy Turner, Raven, Ben Tennyson, etc.). It's a good episode but I have to admit I wasn't running out to pick up this game to play it. To my surprise, we'd already acquired it during a scratch & dent purchasing jag at a local game store, so we brought it out this past weekend at our Game Night party. It was great! More on that later... for now, enjoy this episode!

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

The following episode was a two-parter featuring Betrayal at House on the Hill. This 2-part episode currently ranks as my favorite Tabletop episode of all time (narrowly edging out Fiasco - check the Tabletop page on the right to find all the episodes easily). The episode features three people I didn't know before the episode, but their chemistry is great and the humor is fantastic.

Enjoy Part 1 and Part 2 of Betrayal at House on the Hill:

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]


[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

I own this game but haven't played it yet. It and the Firefly board game are on the top of my "must play next" list.

Tabletop Thursday - Lords of Waterdeep

This episode actually aired two weeks ago, but I wanted to get it posted here before tomorrow's new episode comes out. Lords of Waterdeep is a resource management game set in the legendary Dungeon and Dragons city of Waterdeep. Knowledge of D&D is not required to play this game. The interaction between Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Pat Rothfuss and Brandon Laatsch is great in this episode. Much fun is had. I have asked G&S if they would consider making the owlbear image available to folks to use... I'll post more here if I hear anything back.

Oh, and definitely watch the gag reel. There is so much owlbear goodness all over it.

[youtube= width="400" height="300"]

Postscript:  There must have been a lot of requests. Enjoy OWLBEAR!


Tabletop Thursday - Star Trek Catan

This episode of Tabletop came out a week ago, but I was busy keeping track of events going on during San Diego Comic-Con so am just now getting around to posting it. Star Trek Catan plays just like Settlers of Catan, except there are Trek character cards which give players special limited use abilities during the game. [youtube= width="400" height="300"]

I own this game, but have not played it yet. So many games, not enough time! Overall this episode didn't seem as fun or as easy to explain as Settlers of Catan. Honestly I felt like the recap using video from the Settlers episode made things a bit more confusing, and I don't feel like the character cards were explained well at all.

Also, I hate to say this, but the table dynamic didn't seem as entertaining as all of the other episodes this season. I felt like this episode, more than any of the others, focused on Wil trying to be humorous while the rest of the table watched him do his thing. I also felt like the cut scenes where gameplay was fast-forwarded gave the impression the game takes a REALLY LONG time to play.

Still, that doesn't discourage me from wanting to try the game out. I'm looking forward to dipping into it in the near future!