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Tabletop Thursday - Formula D Extended

Today is Tabletop Thursday, and Geek & Sundry released the extended version of Formula D, the first episode from Season 2. It's nearly 2 hours of film, which is closer to the duration of an actual game of Formula D. [youtube=http://youtu.be/ZCu4_wowv4A width="400" height="300"]


We played Formula D at a Game Night party at our house and we had 8 players. We used the basic rules (not the advanced rules that you see them use in the video) which means we didn't track specific damage or use the character cards. Despite the fact that not everyone at the party was interested in racing (at all) or Formula One, everyone found this game to be an absolute blast. The strategy involved in gear selection and the number of stops through a turn proved quite challenging when you have 8 drivers on the track.

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