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Smart Cargo for iPad

I have an iPad. I use it frequently, mainly for productivity, web browsing and book reading. On trips, it is an invaluable resource. Last year, I backed a Kickstarter called Smarter Stand - it was a neat little invention of a couple of clips you can position on your smart cover to help it stand up in more ways than it can by default.

The same person who invented Smarter Stand is running another Kickstarter called Smart Cargo. It's a nifty handle/container that attaches (magnetically) to your smart cover and you can easily carry chargers, earbuds, styluses, etc. inside it.

There's a limited pledge level going on right now (437 of 600 left at the time I am writing this) where you can back this project for $15 and get a Smart Cargo. Or, if you want the Smarter Stand as well (and those clips are REALLY useful), you can get a combination of the two items for $34.

I'm backing this project. The previous project was run well and rewards were sent out in a timely fashion.

If this is something you'd find useful for your iPad, please back it as well!

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