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Shatner's World: We Just Live In It

IMG_0069 On February 21, 2012, I had the privilege to see William Shatner perform his one-man show on Broadway.

My seats were fantastic - center orchestra, second row. At times, I felt like I could have reached out and touched him he was so close to the audience.

The show consisted of Mr. Shatner telling his life story, in roughly chronological order. He spoke for about 100 minutes, and radiated energy and engagement with the audience.

At times the stories he told brought tears to my eyes. At times, the laughter was unstoppable.


He shared stories of growing up in Canada, his father's death, going to college, acting in stage productions, and moving into TV and movies. Star Trek was, of course, mentioned but it was hardly the longest section of the show or even the most interesting. Mr. Shatner talked about his musical career, his role as Denny Crane, his love of horses, and many other things that he has done in his life (and he has done A LOT) with humor, honesty, and a measure of self-deprecation.

Mr. Shatner's personal motto has been to approach all opportunities that have come his way saying "I can do that". This motto explains the vast amount of experience he has had in film, TV, stage, as an interviewer, as a host, as a musician, as an author, as an animal lover, and as a human being.

He closes the show by singing "Real" from his 2007 album "Has Been". And while there's a part of me / In that guy you've seen / Up there on that screen / I am so much more / And I wish I knew the things you think I do / I would change this world for sure / But I eat and sleep and breathe and bleed and feel / Sorry to disappoint you / But I'm real.

If he ever takes the show on tour again, I highly recommend seeing it.

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