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Realms of the Ancients

rota A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the creators of a new roleplaying game (RPG) that is seeking funding on Kickstarter. I haven't had a chance to play the game myself, but I know several people who have and have shared their play experiences with me.

Realms of the Ancients is a RPG with its own set of mechanics and its own setting. The mechanics are straightforward, and all of the various classes, races, etc. generally factor down into four core stats that determine success/failure when rolling dice. The setting is vast, encompassing anything you can think of on many planets in many galaxies in many universes in many dimensions. You like fantasy? Here are knights and armor and swords. You like science fiction? Here are starships and lasers and space travel.

There is a lot of choice offered to the player in terms of character creation. There are sixteen races and thirteen awakened paths (think classes) to choose from initially. Over the course of game play, the character will receive transformations (which are mainly up to the game leader and the particular story being told) which can entirely change the character in new and unexpected ways.

If you don't like the predictability of RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, the transformation concept in ROTA is compelling.

The game is geared for an ideal set of 5-6 players maxing out around 8. Groups of players should try to balance the roles of their characters between tank, healer, ranged damage dealers and melee damage dealers to create a group dynamic that is interdependent and able to face any challenge.

This is a game for an experienced storyteller/dungeonmaster/game leader. Because the setting is so vast and limitless, the DM can tell any story that they want to. The rules allow for the earning of experience though events, puzzles and quests, so the types of stories and play can be quite varied.

The team at Immortal House has three weeks remaining on their kickstarter project. Through various backer levels, you can receive the rule book, the novels upon which the world is based, and you can even participate in beta testing, helping to refine the game system prior to publication.

Do you like RPGs? Do you like open worlds and interesting game mechanics? ROTA will appeal to you. Check out the Kickstarter and help get ROTA funded!

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