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Penny Arcade Kickstarter

I'm a huge, huge, huge, huge fan of Kickstarter. I completely believe in the historical goodness of the patronage system. I'm also a huge fan of the webcomic Penny Arcade. They not only create entertaining content several times a week, but also run huge fan conventions (Pax) and a wonderful charity organization (Child's Play) which gives video games to sick kids in hospitals.

This Kickstarter campaign they've started is to try to crowdsource removal of advertising from their site. I wish they'd done a bit better job of explaining why exactly they want to get rid of the advertising (aside from the fact that it's bright, animated & sometimes distracting), but I think it's a great goal regardless.

The video explaining the campaign is hilarious. I highly recommend it!

Penny Arcade Sells Out -- Kickstarter Campaign

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