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Mmm homemade Mulligatawny soup!

Recipe from here: http://www.weareneverfull.com/mulligatawny-soup/.

The awesome thing about soups like this is that you’ll find a thousand different recipes online and each one will taste distinctly different.

I served ours with the recommended almonds (which I toasted), a dollop of plain yogurt, and some naan I’d picked up a while back at the local Indian grocery. The only thing I did differently from the recipe was using Garam Masala instead of the coriander/cumin/peppercorn/cinnamon stick recommended.

It was very spicy - which kind of snuck up on you. I also needed a bit of salt with mine, but my hubby enjoyed his without. I think it turned out just slightly thicker than I would have preferred - but the naan compensated for this by being a dipping soup-conveyance.

Overall, excellent. However it made enough to serve 8-10, not the 4-6 the recipe claimed! I’m going to try another variant in a couple of weeks that also includes potato and apple into the mix.

I love soup when it’s really cold outside!


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