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More Cookin'

Whew. The chicken has been carved. The bones are in a pot (with another chicken I had laying about) slowly turning into stock. Classic mirepoix stock, but I decided to jazz it up by using the remaining fresh rosemary I’d picked earlier, a clove of garlic and some parsley. So we’ll see how that turns out.

I also had a 6lb beef tenderloin I’d bought with the intention of cooking it Christmas Day. That so totally didn’t happen. So I’ve got that going in the oven now. I bought the tenderloin at Nadolski’s Butcher Shop (http://www.nadolskisbutchershop.com/) and it was provided with duck fat to lard the beef and a delightful pesto that appeared to be heavy on garlic to smear on while cooking.

I had forgotten how nasty it is to lard meat. Ha!

But it smells incredible. I am looking forward to dinner. AND I got the added bonus of using my new fancy “alarm goes off when the meat is at the right temperature” cooking thermometer. So that’s fun all around!