June Game Night

IMG_0920 Last night we hosted our bi-monthly Game Night, playing The Resistance, Wits & Wagers (Family Edition) and not Formula D as pictured above, but King of Tokyo. If you are unfamiliar with any of these games, I refer you to the Tabletop link in the right hand column for an overview.

We started the evening out with burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans and a delicious tomato pie. You wouldn't want to game on an empty stomach, would you? Beer and wine were also enjoyed, at dinner and throughout gaming. We had 5 guests, plus myself and my husband, making 7 players for the evening.

We started with The Resistance. With 7 players, you have 3 spies and 4 Resistance members. It was a lot of fun, but eventually proved that the Spies were too crafty for our group (despite the cries of "Viva la Resistance!" at the table). Out of 4 games played, the Spies won every single game. I think we weren't thinking enough about team compositions and taking our approve/reject votes as seriously as we should have. But a good time was had by all.



The next game we played was Wits & Wagers (Family Edition). Because we had seven players, four people had to play as teams of two. Overall, this game didn't seem to grab the hearts & imaginations of everyone at the table as much as The Resistance did. I think the fairly dry topic questions, and the fact that the answers are always in the form of numbers turned this game into an exercise of betting strategy. I think our gaming group is more tuned in to words over numbers as well - games like Cards Against Humanity will last us for hours and hours. (the Blue team won the game)



One of our gaming friends had to leave at this point, reducing our numbers to 6. As die-hard tabletop gamers know, this is the magic number that opens up a vast wealth of gaming options. For some reason, most games are limited to 6 players -- games for more than 6 are difficult to find.

We decided that, instead of playing Formula D (which we had played at a previous game night and thoroughly enjoyed), we would play King of Tokyo, which was new to most everyone at the party. Playing King of Tokyo at the end of the evening was ideal - the rules are easy and the mechanics simple. Playing with 6 players certainly makes things more challenging - you play with both Tokyo City and the Bay of Tokyo as board locations. As we discovered, this makes the damage doled out much higher and deaths much more likely. We played two full games. The first one ended with The King triumphant, having killed off all of the other monsters in the area.  The second ended with Mecha-Dragon triumphant, winning by victory points (though he nearly won through attrition as well). I think this game was a big hit with the folks as the party overall. How can you not love pretending to be a giant monster trying to take over Tokyo?



All in all, this was yet another successful game night! I look forward to our next party in August!