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Journey - The Game


For Christmas, I received a Playstation 3. This was primarily because there were Playstation exclusives I had never had a chance to play which, by all reports, were amazing games. Journey is one of the games I've had the pleasure of playing.

You are dropped into the world with very little in the way of explanation. Not a word is said throughout the entire game. The way your character communicates is by singing. There are various notes which are played when you activate certain abilities, call creatures to you, etc. It's very charming.

The world is pretty stark. The landscape you move through resembles snowswept mountainsides and vast barren deserts with ruins slowly dissolving into the sand. You are able to fully explore all of the areas that you go into, and in exploring you discover measuring tape creatures (though I always thought of them as my flag friends). You occasionally run into others just like you also completing the same areas, helping each other for a brief time before the other runs off until you need help again.

The entire game only takes an hour and a half to play, and that's if you run around and look under every rock like I did. It's well worth the time and money. It's a beautiful game. It's a musical game. It's a simple game. It's a peaceful game.

And I don't know a lot of games out there about which you can say all of those things.

This Week Online - January 20, 2014

Happy New Year!