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I love Tabletop Thursdays!

Today is Thursday, and that means a new episode of Tabletop on YouTube. Today's episode is about the deck building game called Smash Up. It's a very entertaining game where players can combine two of any of the following decks to create the deck with which they play: Robots, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Zombies, Ninjas, Tricksters, Wizards and Pirates. The rules are easy, and this is a fun game to play with kids as well (10+).

In my experience, the Aliens deck has the most annoying and overpowered ability of being able to beam cards back up into a player's hand from off of the table. But I've only played this game twice, and am itching to play it more after seeing this episode.

Please enjoy Tabletop - SmashUp, and if you'd like to see more episodes, I've created a handy page at the right that lists all the episodes that have shown to date.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/4ZpMEVQYBO8 width="400" height="300"]


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