I love Japanese food - Tsukune Dango and Okonomiyaki

I recently got a cookbook called "My Japanese Table" full of recipes and gorgeous pictures. Last night was the first time I decided to try something from the cookbook -- two things, in fact. meatballs

I started with Chicken Balls in Teriyaki Sauce (Tsukune Dango). I made them as turkey balls, and used bottled teriyaki sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. They're full of egg and ginger and sesame oil and scallions and ginger. They were delicious, but would have been more delicious if I'd made my own teriyaki sauce. The total cooking time in the book was 40 minutes, and it took me an hour to make them. So I guess with practice it'll get faster.


Next, I made Stuffed Savory Pancake (Okonomiyaki) stuffed with sliced pork, pickled ginger and green onions. The pancakes came out light and eggy and were simply delicious. To go on them, I made Quick Tonkatsu Sauce which is made up of worchestershire sauce, tomato paste, sugar and grated apple. It was sweet and spicy and a nice compliment to the savory eggy-ness of the pancake. The cook time in the book was 30 minutes for 2 pancakes. I made 6 pancakes in about 40 minutes, so not bad time-wise!

I am impressed with the recipes in this cookbook and can't wait to try more of them!