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I love having a garden

I ended up with a lot of uncooked food post-Christmas. Today is my day to catch up! The lovely thing about having a garden with still-growing herbs in it is that I can skip out back and whip up herbs for cooking in an instant. Hard to beat just-picked freshness too.

I needed to cook a whole chicken. So I grabbed enormous handfuls of rosemary, sage, marjoram and thyme out of the garden. I brought them inside, chopped some of all of the herbs with some garlic and mixed it into butter. Under the skin that went! Then I stuffed the cavity with all the rest of the herbs and a halved mandarin orange to hold it all in. Olive oil on the outside with salt & pepper and we’re ready to go.

I had prepped my charcoal grill with indirect heat & a drip pan in advance. So the chicken is merrily cooking away… I am SO looking forward to it!


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