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Harry Potter, Speakeasy, New Flog, So Much Monday Goodness!

So, a couple days ago I discovered that someone has done a Harry Potter spoof on YouTube, detailing what life was like for the key characters 10 years after the books ended. It's a laugh riot, and completely inappropriate for kids. It's called Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later. Today Speakeasy features actor Jason Ritter, who has been on a bunch of shows I haven't seen. But he's actor John Ritter's son, and I do know who he is! (old people points) I think Jason has his father's smile. You can find the episode over on the YouTube page.

On today's The Flog, the only thing that grabbed me from Felicia Day's "Fave Five" which has been renamed "Top 3" was Zombies Run! This is an iPhone/iPad app I've known about for months now which is my favorite thing to run while on the treadmill. You run away from Zombies, follow an awesomely voiced storyline, collect virtual items to fortify your base against the zombie hordes (and fellow hostile humans), etc. It's a fantastic way to pass the time on a treadmill (or running regardless of location). Also, Felicia is hilarious and messes around with trying to learn how to use a yo-yo.

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