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Happy New Year!

The holiday madness is behind me and that means I can get back to doing one of the things I enjoy the most - writing here! I'm going to add a journaling section to the site, as there are far too many dead zones of activity in the geekverse to keep me writing every day of the week like I would prefer. Probably a more realistic goal is going to be 5 days a week. That's what I'm shooting for, at least. Since I was last here...

I finished NaNoWriMo and "won", completing a new novel I started on November 1st within 30 days. And by "completed", I mean wrote 50,000 words or more. It was hard. Writing at that breakneck speed isn't good for anything approaching an end product. This year, I'm going to try to put together a project I have well-outlined in advance. Perhaps something that lends itself to massive amounts of digression and distraction, too.

Christmas happened. It was a good holiday season for me and mine. I made the usual 100 dozen cookies, give or take 20 dozen in either direction. This year's offerings were chocolate-chocolate chip brownie texture cookies, citrus crackle cookies, and salty peanut butter cookies. It was interesting to see who enjoyed which flavors the most.

This was an odd year for the kids. They're both in the tween years, too old for toys, too young for teenager fare like M rated video games and the like. I think both of them were pleased with what Santa put under the tree. I know I was.

I got a PlayStation3! Yes, I know. I can hear you think, "but the 4 just came out, didn't it?" I had been carping for a while about some of the PS3 exclusives that had come out over the last year and bemoaning the fact that i couldn't play them. You see, we'd invested in the Wii and the Xbox360+Kinect over the years so didn't see any need to have ALL THREE consoles in the house. Well, my hubby did the thing you're supposed to do when you get someone a gift - get them something they would never get for themselves.

So, I spent a fair amount of the week after Christmas grinding through The Last of Us to see what all the hoopla was about. It's a great game. Writing a review of it is on my list of things to do here as I play catch-up over the upcoming days. I also played Journey, which was splendid in many different ways from The Last Of Us. A review of that is coming as well.

Then, school started back up. Work started back up. The weather conspired to keep me from training T'ai Chi and Hsing-I at the dojo last week, but I did begin exercising regularly. I picked up a Withings Pulse (courtesy of a mention on Twitter by @majornelson that it was on sale on Amazon) and discovered that it integrates with MyFitnessPal. I've also been doing a basic cleanse where you don't eat grains, dairy, meat, shellfish, processed foods, fatty nuts, nightshades, condiments, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and soda for 7-10 days. I'm going to shoot for the 10 day goal, though there will be at least 2 days in there where I have 1 meal which is "off diet".

Oh, and I did get a few game expansions. So look for board game reviews in the coming days as well.

It's nice to be back. Check back often!

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This Week Online - November 25, 2013