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I'm a list maker. That's how I get things done on a regular basis. Lists, lists, and lists. I don't feel accomplished unless I've crossed things off my list every day. Sometimes, though, I have long term goals which go on a scrap of paper and get lost. Sometimes I have habits I'm trying to promote in my daily life that don't make sense to go on a list. I discovered HabitRPG as a result of my Kickstarter habit. I hadn't really thought about a task-manager program that might help me maintain lists and promote good habits.

And the really cool thing about HabitRPG (other than the fact that it's free) is that it takes all of your lists and turns them into a "your character levels, earns virtual money, and can buy armor, find pets, etc." game. Coming from a long standing MMORPG gaming background, this was a perfect match for things I need to do intersecting with ways that I am actually motivated.

I've developed habits like tracking calorie consumption using Lose It!, drinking enough water each day, reading every day, etc. I've got things I do every day that maintain my household - water plants, do laundry, make breakfast/lunch/dinner, and even write here on a daily basis! And then there's a section for those long-term "to-do" items called Todos. My list is long there, but I try to get 1-5 things done on that list every week.

The site also allows you to create "guilds" and invite your friends to join you. That way, you can help keep each other motivated while you get things done every day.

I've found this site to be really useful and it's helped me get more done every day. Check it out if you think it would also help you become more productive!

Something to note: The site is down with fair regularity. It is a site that is in active development right now and they're also working on a mobile app for your lists. If you check it out and cannot get it to load, try the Beta site. I can almost always access that one.

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