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elysium I really wanted to like Elysium. I tried hard to do so. It was just too all-over-the-place to genuinely like as a film. There were moments that were excellent. The middle part from where he has the accident, gets the computer slot put in his head and the body armor graphed to his skeleton was great. The data retrieval run he goes on at that point is pure Shadowrun and had me cheering at the screen. But then... there was all this class differences, and haves and have nots, and space city in the sky and BLAH BLAH BLAH. The film just didn't hold together.

Which was disappointing, because I really enjoyed District 9.

Matt Damon was fine - he's a competent action hero. I'm not sure why Jodie Foster was in the film at all - she seemed extraneous and one-dimensional. No one else in the film is worth a mention.

In fact, I'm not sure I can review the film better than it was already reviewed over at i09. Check out their review. I agree with pretty much all of what is said there.

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