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E is for Erfworld

erfworld Have you read Erfworld? It's an insanely creative webcomic by Rob Balder.

The premise is vaguely D&D-esque, but he's created his own language for the world which spoofs and references things from our "normal world". He also has written a fair amount of text-only chapters (Book 0) telling the backstory of main characters in the world. The language is inventive and hilarious and the story is compelling. It's what keeps me coming back week after week.

I really can't recommend the webcomic enough.

In the time that I've been reading it, the comic has used two artists. The original artist was Jamie Noguchi (Book 1) whose vision for the look of the comic has persisted no matter who is doing the art. Book 2's artist was Xin Ye - the general look remained the same but in a much higher level of detail.

Erfworld is now getting a 3rd artist to take over -- David Hahn. You can see some of his art on their Kickstarter. It looks fantastic so far.

The point of the Kickstarter is to create an Erfworld primer (alphabet book) for fans to enjoy and give the new artist practice drawing everything in the comic before beginning to illustrate the comic itself. Depending on your backer level, you can also get nifty things like the hardcover of book 1, original art, plushie dwagons, stickers, etc.

The Kickstarter is already well-funded (the project closes in THREE DAYS). But if you're looking for a great webcomic to read and some serious creativity to back, think about backing E is for Erfworld. You'll be glad that you did.


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