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Dispatches From the Last Two Weeks

Spent the day getting caught up on the Web Show side of things. There's a lot of good stuff that was posted in the last two weeks. On last week's The Flog, Felicia Day recommended a Mac-only application called Skitch. It allows you to take a screenshot of, edit, and post online any picture that you come across. I'm pretty jazzed about it and I hope it will lead to more images being posted here.

On today's The Flog, Felicia recommended a new MMO called Secret World. I have a friend playing this and he speaks highly of it to me, so I may check it out soon. It's set in an alternate modern-day and involves conspiracies, puzzles, and lots of Lovecraftian mythos! Look for updates here about my experiences with the game.

Also, The Flog from today had me in hysterics. Just watch for the dog eating a cupcake and tell me if you don't laugh yourself silly every time he appears.

Today there was also a new episode of Speakeasy, featuring part 2 of the interview with Zach Galifianakis.

Stan Lee, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye (not together)

Serenity and Legos??