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Chicken Curry Pitas and Carrot Curry Soup


I love Indian flavor combinations. This soup and sandwich combo makes a great lunch or dinner, and is pretty healthy as well.

The sandwich is an old standby of mine - I make it a lot during the fall and winter. The mayo/pear/cranberry/almond combination with the chicken makes it light and delicious. The recipe I use is from Eating Well. It takes about 20 minutes of prep time total, including toasting the almonds. A tip to make this extra quick - roast a chicken beforehand or buy a roasted chicken at the grocery store to use.

For the soup, I make a combination of a recipe from Eating Well and a recipe from Thrifty Veggie Mama. Taking the Eating Well recipe as the base, I substitute olive oil for canola oil, add 1 leek, and 1Tbsp ground ginger (or fresh, if you feel like grating it). I'm good either way with using either homemade vegetable stock or homemade chicken stock. I think both are delicious. And then I top the soup with roasted shelled pistachios, chopped.

The overall impression of this meal is warmth. Good for chilly days or days when you want a mild hint of heat in your food.

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