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battleship1 battleship2  

I had never been to The Black Sheep on West Marshall in Richmond (VA) before last night. Some friends suggested going to get a drink after a baby shower we all attended.

Now, we were all full to the brim after eating all afternoon at the shower, so the intention was just to go get a beer (or a cider in my case) and be social. But, as they say, the best laid plans of mice & men…

As it turns out, we had all seen the episode of Man vs. Food that was set in Richmond, and The Black Sheep was one of the locales visited because of their enormous sandwiches (called Battleships). But oh, what sandwiches they are…

Despite being full, after seeing the food on the tables around us, we all decided to order sandwiches to take home and have the next day.

Hubby & I ordered the USS Brooklyn - jerk barbecue chicken on a FANTASTIC baguette with roasted banana ketchup and peach chutney. Wow, oh wow. Spicy, sweet, crunchy… gods such a good sandwich!

The couple with us ordered a CSS Shenandoah - crabmeat, pollock, bay scallops & potato/veggie/cheese hash baked with mornay sauce & roasted red peppers on another one of those marvelous baguettes. The sandwich looked delicious. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t eat seafood.

So, consider this my high recommendation to check out The Black Sheep. It was a really great meal, and we plan to return!

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