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You may not know what this soup is if you don't eat Greek regularly. Think of the most splendid homemade chicken-and-rice soup you've ever had, add a lemon flavor throughout the broth, and make it creamy as well. That's avgolemono! It's really fantastic, and now that the season is changing to Fall and the weather is cooler, I am craving soups! avgolemono


1. Roast a whole chicken (3-4lbs). I like to rub mine with olive oil, stuff with an onion and a lemon (and maybe some rosemary), and pepper liberally before roasting.

2. Make stock with the roasted chicken. I like to add onion, parsley, celery, carrot, bay, leeks, peppercorns, garlic, ginger, thyme, and anything else that is starting to look old that is kicking around in my veggie drawer. Throw it all in a pot, cover with water and boil for an hour. Strain everything out of the broth and reserve all of the chicken meat.

3. Put the broth back on the stove and add 2/3c arborio rice (or 1/2c orzo). Cook 30 minutes. Add all of the chicken meat back into the broth.

4. In a small bowl, whisk together 2 eggs and 1/2c lemon juice. Pour 2 cups of (slightly cooled) broth very slowly into the bowl, whisking continuously. Once incorporated, add the mixture back into the soup pot and stir to blend throughout.

5. Add 1Tbsp salt and 1tsp pepper.

I've found this recipe makes about 12 cups of soup. It freezes really well, so if you decide to eat half and freeze half, you'll have easy soup to have again in the future.

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