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A Few Things of Interest

On today's The Flog, there were a couple of items that caught my eye in Felicia Day's Top 5. The first was a game called Dungeon Village for the iPhone. It looks cute, and appears to be one of those "build up your buildings/resources and conquer random critters" type of game. It's only $3.99 on the App Store so I picked it up. I'll post my thoughts about it after I've had a chance to play it.

The other was a site called Fashionablygeek.com. They review geek clothing, costumes, etc. Not usually my thing, but they also sell a wealth of awesome t-shirts. I'll be reading them regularly for any items of interest I can list for you here.

This week's TableTop featured an awesome game called Fiasco. Apparently, though you have to pay for the main game book, all of the "situation" books are downloadable for free (including the one featured on the TableTop episode). Check that out over at Bully Pulpit Games.

Zombie Dice

Farscape Minisodes!