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On May 25th, I saw Chris Hardwick in Washington, DC. I’m a fan of his work as a host (he hosts The Talking Dead and has a great show on BBCAmerica), I enjoy his Nerdist Podcast, and the Nerdist YouTube channel as well. Given all that, I thought it would be fun to check out his stand-up comedy.

He’s funny. Not relying on cleverness and wit, his humor involved a lot more vulgarity than I was expecting. I was surprised by his willingness to come down into the audience and interact with people one-on-one as part of his act. He is a genuinely likable guy and that definitely comes across when he is on stage. I felt that his act was very constrained to one hour, but I’m not sure if that is his usual schtick or if there were venue constraints put on him that kept him to that brief amount of time.

The amount of time that he spent interacting with his girlfriend (Chloe Dykstra) began to detract from the latter half of the show. It seemed like he was performing at her more than for the audience a lot of the time. I kind of wanted to say “Hey Chris, we’re happy for you that you have a girlfriend but we came here to see you, not her.”

One of the most amusing mental images I came away with was of Chris Hardwick dressed in a purple wolf kigurumi. Once you see it (mentally), you can’t un-see it.

Overall his humor is fairly juvenile, but he improvises off of conversations with the audience very deftly. If you enjoy light comedy, or are a fan of Hardwick, he’s still touring right now and may come to a city near you!


  1. I was at the same show in the same row! Talk about small world. I am glad you enjoyed the show. It was the best one I’ve been to. I kinda follow CH and Nerdist around a bunch.

    I had mixed emotions when he and Chloe did the full ride scholarship to organism college. It’s my favorite bit of his. It was cute seeing them perform it together but….

    I enjoyed your article BTW!

  2. Hey Diane! Small world – that’s wild that we were sitting so close to each other!

    Thanks for posting here. I’m glad I’m not the only one with Chloe issues… ;)

    I’ll be back up in the DC area in October for Wil Wheaton vs. Paul & Storm at The Birchmere. Saw P&S open for John Hodgman a few months ago and they were quite good.

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