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The Brothers Rapture, Post Human, and The Final Moments of Karl Brant

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There are three really awesome short films on the Internet that you should take a minute and watch.

The first one is The Brothers Rapture, on YouTube. It is nearly 18 minutes long. If you loved Bioshock and Bioshock 2, this little film is for you. It’s live-action Rapture. Simply wonderful.


The next one is a video I found originally hosted on i09 called Post Human. It’s Aeon Fluxx meets Akira meets Heavy Metal. I would love it if they turned this into a regular series. It will take less than 6 minutes of your time.


Lastly there is a film called The Final Moments of Karl Brant. It’s splendid and runs 16.5 minutes. Technology, a murder investigation, and Paul Reubens in the lead role! Make sure you watch all the way through the credits.

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Shadowrun Returns

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Hoi chummers!

Shadowrun Returns (available via Steam) came out this past Thursday. Having played the original tabletop Shadowrun, this game is a delightful trip down memory lane for me. The game plays similar to the Diablo games and games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. It’s a top-down RPG which features a turn-based combat system. The graphics aren’t as sophisticated as Diablo (the game was funded on Kickstarter), and the built-in story isn’t very long.

The world of Shadowrun is a near-future apocalyptic world where technology, magic and fantasy races exist. In Shadowrun Returns, the setting is Seattle and you can choose to be a human, dwarf, ork, elf or troll. You also select from one of six archetypes (class) to play. Mages are magic users. Street Samurai chip themselves out with technology to enhance their physical characteristics and can use lots of weapons – both ranged and melee. Deckers can hack technology – doors, cameras, automated weapons and computer systems. Shamans summon spirits and use magic. Riggers control drones, growing to control larger drones and larger numbers of drones as their skills progress. Physical adepts are martial artists who also command the ability to cast combat spells.

The built-in story has been enjoyable so far. I haven’t finished it but I’ve played it for a couple of hours so far. The NPCs all speak in the banter of the game and the bleak cyberpunk sensibility of the Shadowrun reality comes through nicely on the screen. One of the neatest parts of this particular game is the ability for the community to design stories themselves for others to play. I am looking forward to seeing how this game grows and how stories develop. The creators of the game are working on another story currently – set in Berlin.

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The Wolverine

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The Wolverine is pretty darn good. Especially when compared with the train wreck that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. I had forgotten how truly awful that film was until I re-watched it on TV the other day. Yikes.

I will admit, I am not a regular reader of Marvel Comics. I was a DC girl growing up (Batman and Wonder Woman 4eva!). But I am aware of the X-Men mythos, have many friends who have filled me in on the various story lines, and have seen all of the X-Men related films.

Hugh Jackman makes Wolverine a compelling antihero, and he’s just as good in this film as he has been in all five previous films (X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class). He appears to me to have bulked up extra big for this film – when he gets his inner animal riled up he’s physically very formidable.

This film is the story of how he meets Mariko, the love of his life, and introduces various characters well known from the comics such as Yukio, Madame Hydra/Viper, and the Silver Samurai. There’s the usual amount of big action sequences (which run a bit too long for my tastes) balanced out with a nice amount of emotion-focused character development for Logan along the way. Logan is without his mutant healing abilities for much of the film, and this allows for a re-focus from Logan’s physical to his emotional side consistent with the story being told.

Is the Silver Samurai’s story the same one as from the comics? No. Is Logan meeting Mariko after he’s already loved and lost Jean Grey? Yes. Can we overlook these continuity differences from the comics? Depends on who you are, I guess. Since I wasn’t already a huge fan of the franchise from the comics, I can easily accept these changes and enjoy the story that is told.

Oh, and make sure you stay through the credits. There’s a nice hook into the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film coming out next year.

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Tabletop Thursday – Star Trek Catan

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This episode of Tabletop came out a week ago, but I was busy keeping track of events going on during San Diego Comic-Con so am just now getting around to posting it. Star Trek Catan plays just like Settlers of Catan, except there are Trek character cards which give players special limited use abilities during the game.

I own this game, but have not played it yet. So many games, not enough time! Overall this episode didn’t seem as fun or as easy to explain as Settlers of Catan. Honestly I felt like the recap using video from the Settlers episode made things a bit more confusing, and I don’t feel like the character cards were explained well at all.

Also, I hate to say this, but the table dynamic didn’t seem as entertaining as all of the other episodes this season. I felt like this episode, more than any of the others, focused on Wil trying to be humorous while the rest of the table watched him do his thing. I also felt like the cut scenes where gameplay was fast-forwarded gave the impression the game takes a REALLY LONG time to play.

Still, that doesn’t discourage me from wanting to try the game out. I’m looking forward to dipping into it in the near future!

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SDCC From a Distance – Day 4, Wrap-up

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Day 4 of Comic-Con is the day when everyone is exhausted and a lot of folks have already gone home. So the news tends to be fairly sparse.

Pictures I liked:

Things of Note:

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SDCC From a Distance – Day 3

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Saturday is usually the “Big Day” at SDCC. There were definitely some good panels and surprise announcements!

Pictures I liked:

Notable panels/announcements:

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